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You have arrived at a the home portal for JJKOX... a portal that will direct you to our various businesses and charities as well as provide you with educational opportunities to learn about the sustainability practices and landscape artistry of Jeremy J. Kox.

Whether you are seeking to hire a state licensed Landscape Architect, inquire about the benefits of implementing sustainable practices, commission a unique piece of garden art, or just explore a website dedicated to the life of land stewardship, there is something for everyone to enjoy. contains a series of web connections and sites that provide a glimpse into the world of Jeremy J. Kox; artist, landscape architect, entrepreneur, phiosopher, educator, visionary, and all-around renaissance man.  Each button to the left represents a personal connection to the life work of Jeremy.  You will likely encounter a few "dead links."  We are aware of these issues and are diligently working to finalize our new website for your enjoyment.  Currently, our main site, "Jeremy J. Kox Landscape Architecture" and "EnviroTeque" are complete.

Please feel free to "travel the JJKOX Highway" and offer any feedback you may have.  We enjoy your comments and look forward to improving your web-browsing experience.

Our homepage is separated into six specific categories with each one representing a different dimension.  The first two categories relate to the business dimension and include our landscape architectural and sustainable companies.  The remaining categories relate to the personal attributes to Jeremy J. Kox.

Each category links to the corresponding page or partner website. 

  • LANDSCAPE SERVICES: our landscape architecture, and main service entity. 

  • PARTNER COMPANIES: our other businesses and support companies.

  • MY FRIENDS: Links to friends of our site

  • MUSINGS/IDEAS: personal section with philosophy and ramblings of Jeremy J. Kox

We hope you find our website easy to use and informative.  It has been a pleasure creating it and we look forward to meeting with you in the near future.

Have a fantastic day...  and may God's blessings be plentiful!


Jeremy J. Kox, rla, asla

"Good planting design does not follow a formula.  At best, it allows
you to experiment with nature and through nature to make an
original statement.  As in all of the arts, the best garden designers
take risks.  Only by taking risks can you come up with
something exciting and original."

-  James Van Sweden